Warren To Strictly Enforce Fireworks Laws; Mayor Jim Fouts Will Monitor Neighborhoods July 4 And Visit Fireworks Vendors June 30 & July 3

Warren To Strictly Enforce Fireworks Laws; Mayor Jim Fouts Will Monitor Neighborhoods July 4 And Visit Fireworks Vendors June 30 & July 3

Warren To Strictly Enforce Fireworks Laws; Mayor Jim Fouts Will Monitor Neighborhoods July 4 And Visit Fireworks Vendors June 30 & July 3

Warren Mayor Jim Fouts has directed Warren police to strictly enforce city fireworks laws this weekend.

Warren Mayor Jim Fouts

“Violators will be prosecuted with fines up to $500.  We have zero tolerance for breaking the law,” said Warren Mayor Jim Fouts. 

For the fifth consecutive year, Warren Mayor Jim Fouts will ride-along with a Warren police officer July 4 at 8:30 p.m. to monitor city streets for fireworks violations.

Mayor Fouts said a special task force ­has been formed consisting of police, property maintenance inspectors, CERT’s (a police volunteer group), fire department personnel, and park employees, all of whom will be patrolling neighborhoods July 4.  This year, for the fifth year, police undercover officers will also be on the lookout for fireworks ordinance violators.


Mayor Fouts is the only public official in Michigan to voice opposition to the fireworks law passed by the State Legislature in 2012.  “The new law is a money grab by state lawmakers at the expense of disrupting our neighborhoods,” says the Mayor.  “Now, fireworks are louder, longer and more lethal.”


“The legislation legalizes fireworks on 10 holidays including Christmas and Thanksgiving, which I believe is inappropriate.  These are family holidays, hardly days to discharge loud fireworks,” said Mayor Fouts in a statement.  “When fireworks are discharged, I receive many calls from upset residents about the impact of loud fireworks on their pets, senior citizens, and their peace and tranquility.  I still believe this law should be rescinded because of the disruption, police overtime, blight, and noise caused by the law.” Added the Mayor.


Mayor Fouts also added that he supports the proposed state legislation that gives local communities like Warren more control over fireworks.

All City of Warren Parks will be closed at 9 p.m. July 3-5.


Provision of the new city ordinance restricting fireworks includes the following:

  • On July 4, all fireworks are prohibited between midnight – 8 a.m.; on July 3-5, midnight – 8 a.m.
  • Discharge of legal consumer and low impact fireworks is prohibited from 10:30 p.m. – 11 a.m.

Special Note

On Friday, June 30, from 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m., and Monday, July 3, from 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m., Mayor Fouts will do a random visit to commercial vendors of fireworks in the city to ensure that they understand the city’s rules on the sale of fireworks.

Below is a list of Warren’s fireworks regulations.

Fireworks Rules For A Safe 4th of July


The City of Warren is to Re-Open A Library after 53 Years. 

The City of Warren is to Re-Open A Library after 53 Years. 

The city’s first new library in Warren’s older neighborhood in 53 years to re-open.  The new Busch Library Branch is located on Ryan Road south of 9 Mile Road across from Fitzgerald High School.

“This new branch library represents our administration’s commitment to rejuvenating our older neighborhoods,” said Warren Mayor James Foutsin a statement, adding that another new library is planned for the 9 Mile-Van Dyke neighborhood.  The 9 Mile-Van Dyke Neighborhood Library will be part of the complex along with a mini-city hall, mini-police station and new fire station. 

“I believe this could be a focal area for a renaissance of the area,” Mayor Fouts stated during his State of the City Address, adding today, that “We feel it will lead to more businesses moving into the areas and new morale boosters for residents.”

The new library, a 6,640 sq. ft. facility, with LED lighting, to reduce energy costs, a 50-person multi-purpose room for classes and programs for children, teenagers and adults; an adult computer area with 24 computers; a 4-6-person conference/study room with four computer access points, and of course, Wi-Fi internet and wireless printing throughout the Library.   

Refreshments will be served at the Busch Library re-opening and the public is invited to attend the celebration of this milestone.

A Statement from Warren Mayor James Fouts on the City’s “AA” Bond Rating

A Statement from Warren Mayor Jim Fouts on the City’s “AA” Bond Rating

“Just received the Standard & Poor’s Global Bond Rating report for Warren.” said Mayor Fouts in a statement. “We have a strong “AA” (Bond) rating, which makes “Warren’s budgetary flexibility and financial health are very strong with an available fund balance in fiscal 2016 of 67% of operating expenses or $66.7 million. We expect the available fund balance to remain above 30% of expenditures for the current and next fiscal years, which we view as a positive credit factor.

“What a great review for the city of Warren and particularly this administration and the council majority! Make no mistake about it we are one of, if not the best, financially stable cities in the Metro Area. What other city in this area or in the state, has that kind of fund balance? Part of Warren’s success is due to the following:

“There are many more reasons, but this helps to explain why Crain’s Business Detroit said we were worth more in industrial assessments than even Detroit. A strong fund balance allows us to bond at a lower interest rate and also allows us to take care of neighborhood roads and build the detention basin to help stop flooding.

Warren Power Outage Update – Mayor Jim Fouts

Mayor James Fouts has just concluded an emergency meeting with key staff members regarding the damaging wind storm yesterday.  This storm has adversely affected at least 10,000 Warren residents. This is a record storm for power outages in Warren and the metro area. Because of the large number of outages in the state (675,000). It is estimated that it will take at least a WEEK or more to restore power. Added to the fact that Warren will have very cold temps for at least a week, high winds, and record cold this weekend.  Mayor James Fouts will be signing an emergency purchase order for restoration of power to the police station and other areas.

Warren will also be opening up the Community Center as an emergency warming center. Those without power will be able to stay until power is restored.  The City of Warren should have this up later this afternoon. Warren will also provide transportation to and from the Warren Community Center. Warren CERT (emergency volunteers) will man the emergency heating center. CERT volunteers also helped out with downed wires and traffic control yesterday and today!

Mayor Fouts has given an order to Gus Ghanam, Director of the Department of Public Works to purchase emergency generators and space heaters for needy and high priority residents.

Mayor Fouts has also contacted some church leaders for additional assistance. Warren will have assistance for food and coffee at the Community Center later on today. Fire dept. will be available to assist in transporting disabled residents to the emergency center. The Mayor will be requesting help from the state and the federal government as this is an EMERGENCY.  With cold temperatures and high winds this could be a life or death situation!

UPDATE # 2: The City of Warren, has thus far, been unable to find places to purchase generators. If anyone knows of a place, please contact the Mayor of Warren’s office at 586-574-4520.  In addition, the Salvation Army will serve soup, chili, pizza, and sandwiches tonight. Also, hot and cold beverages. They will offer beverages and sandwiches for breakfast on Friday. Mayor Fouts will be monitoring the situation tonight as well as the weekend.

UPDATE # 3: Warren Mayor Jim Fouts has just concluded a request to Congressman Sander Levin’s office. Mayor Fouts has requested immediate help from the federal government regarding assistance for the 10,000 people in Warren who will have no power in frigid conditions for at least one WEEK. Mayor Fouts has informed has them that this is an emergency and that the City of Warren needs immediate help in the form of federal assistance for restoring power (that DTE is unable to do), providing emergency generator assistance, providing emergency space heaters and other forms of much needed help. Mayor Fouts has also indicated that Warren is the hardest hit city in Macomb County and as such, is deserving of such assistance immediately. Mayor Fouts feels that Warren could use troops to help restore the wires and especially the many that are live, since DTE is unable to take care of them.  The City of Warren needs more manpower for restoration and the 1-2 weeks cited by the companies are unacceptable. This restoration could be done with U.S. troops and/or personnel.

UPDATE # 4: The City of Warren has now secured a limited number of generators ( or will soon ) but may need many more. Also, The City of Warren is working on getting space heaters as well, and urges residents to team up two neighbors to use one generator. However, caution has to be exercised as the generators have to be properly hooked up, and they have to be refilled.  Because this is not exactly easy for a senior or disabled person to do themselves, the Warren Community Center will have cots available for a large number of people to sleep on tonight. And of course, there will be hot meals. The City of Warren will also have Warren Police on site to offer security and assistance all night and day.

UPDATE # 5: The Mayor’s Office has taken care of a number of people who have contacted The Mayor about help.  Please note, that showers are available at the Warren Community Center for those without heat. All Warren residents are welcome to come to the City of Warren Warming center tonight after 6PM for hot food, hot coffee, and a hot shower.  A full list of Warming Centers can be found by following this link.

The City of Warren has taken care of some seniors who had a plumbing problem, and offered help to move them elsewhere and will continue to monitor them for additional help. Most have preferred to go elsewhere or stay at home. The City of Warren has generators and space heaters available on a limited basis for those with great health needs.  Mayor Fouts has approved the purchase of generators and heaters for those in great need.  Mayor Fouts has arranged for several churches to be on call for additional help.

The Mayor of the City of Warren would like to give special thanks to Bishop Andre and Bishop Cast, Chaplin Donald Rice, and Pastor Youmans.  Bishop Andre, who personally visited the home of a 92 year old Warren female, and Bishop Cast and Pastor Youmans, who have generously volunteered their churches for assistance are greatly appreciated.

It appears that President Trump is receiving very positive reviews for his Supreme Court pick of Neil Gorsuch.


Neil Gorsuch appears to have the intellect and temperament to be highly qualified!

President Donald Trump behaved in a very dignified Reagan like demeanor during the announcement.  The youngest court nominee in 25 years, Neil Gorsuch’s mother worked for President Reagan.  From his policies, Neil Gorsuch appears to be a mainstream conservative, who holds a Ph.D. from Oxford University, pretty impressive credentials.

While Neil Gorsuch should be fairly easily confirmed, the Democrats will not forget the fact that another highly-qualified nominee, Merrick Garland, was not even allowed to have a hearing.

Nominated by President Obama almost a year ago, Merrick Garland not allowed to have a hearing will mean Democrats are likely to want to do the same thing to Gorsuch.  Moreover, the Democrats are still upset about the ban issued earlier, so it will be a spirited confirmation process to say the least.  Further, while President Trump has chosen a nominee that will not be easily dismissed, that will not likely change the balance on the court as Justice Anthony Kennedy, a Reagan nominee, remains the swing vote between liberals and conservatives.  However, if Justice Kennedy can be persuaded to retire, than the balance will certainly change. Whether Justice Kennedy will choose to retire remains to be seen, however, one thing is certain, the real fight will take place when and IF Justice Kennedy chooses to retire.

Media Frenzy 2.0

Ever since County Executive Mark Hackel released phony audio files in December 2016 in attempt to silence Warren Mayor James Fouts from pursuing the Freedom Hill Illegal Dumping Issue, The media has been relentlessly pursuing the Mayor of the third largest City in Michigan at all hours, including weekends, and incessantly phoning him at his home.

The less obnoxious Television stations have been parked outside the Mayor’s residence shining bright TV lights into his home until late at night. The more obnoxious ones are knocking at the Mayor’s door hoping for an “exclusive interview”, a “gotcha interview”, or endless questions about the engineered recordings.

Mayor Fouts has even encountered death threats. A voicemail that was left for the Mayor described how someone “would like to put a noose around (the Mayor’s) neck and watch (him) choking until all the life was out of (him).”  Another suggested that “(the Mayor) need to do everyone a favor and commit suicide.”  These are unacceptable obscenities and vial threats based on unfounded and unverified information that are threatening the life of an elected public official who has dedicated his life to improving the quality of life for Warren residents.

While the City of Warren police continue to offer the Mayor around the clock security and police patrols, the Mayor felt that he was a low priority and felt these people only did this after being incited by the repeated airing of the phony tapes on every station.

Prior to this incident, The Mayor anticipated watching the local Television News Stations, which now he dreads because of the incessant reporting about the phony audio files.

During the city-sponsored January 16 annual Dr. Martin Luther King Ceremony, the media was obsessed with the latest release of these engineered recordings. This media’s unquenchable thirst for sensationalism ruined the solemn ceremony and turned it into a media circus trampling on the musical instruments of the Renaissance High School Quintet’s band instruments.

The media does have some responsibility to show restraint and a balanced story, but clearly this is NOT the case with regards to the Mayor of the third largest city in Michigan. Sadly, it would appear that the media’s view of the Mayor is dark. They have no room for considering all of the good the Mayor has done for the city of Warren, nor any room for the real culprit, and no room for respecting the Mayor’s right to privacy or his right to confront his accuser.

The media, in effect, has become an echo chamber for an electronic lynch mob. It’s a sensational story, so why stop the drumbeat?

What is most hurtful to the Mayor however is that his- so-called political “friends” who called for his resignation-a rush to judgment. These “fair weather” friends were more than eager in their elections to use the Mayor’s personal endorsement in their successful campaigns. This confirms that adage of President Harry S. Truman: “If you want a friend in politics, get yourself a dog.”

This public “every politician for himself or herself” desertion has caused the Mayor much personal anguish. While the Mayor had anticipated that life has its ups-and-downs, this has been downright disheartening to him, especially after helping those candidates with personal help and endorsements.

Much of this criticism aimed at the Mayor has come from outside of the City of Warren from individuals who are spreading viscous lies about the Mayor.  To fuel the flames, anyone who had a past grievance with the Mayor are  now competing with each other to get media attention by lying and conjuring up ridiculous stories.  The more outlandish the lie, the bigger the news story.

The silver lining throughout this experience has been the outpouring show of support in solidarity of the Mayor from the residents of Warren who have stood and continue to stand behind their elected official.

Mayor Fouts is grateful to these these loyal supporters from the bottom of his heart. It is this confidence in him that keeps the Mayor working hard on the behalf of his constituency creating a safe, clean, and forward thinking city.

In a statetemtn, Mayor Fouts said “…that God gives him the strength to withstand the unfounded criticism that he’s had to endure.” and that “with the help and faith of many he will continue to work hard for the deserving Warren taxpayer, undeterred from his mission to serve and protect the residents of Warren.”

A Statement regarding the recent public attacks from a disgruntled former consultant against Mayor Jim Fouts

A Statement regarding the recent public attacks from a disgruntled former consultant against Mayor Jim Fouts

Over the past few weeks, a series of fake recordings have been floating around the media channels, alleging that someone, purportedly Warren Mayor Jim Fouts, said some terrible things.  And while dirty tricks and diversions are nothing new, these vicious attacks have gone too  far.  A common denominator in the release of these fake audio recordings, and naturally, the most vocal in its corroboration, is Joe DiSano, the former disgruntled political consultant.

Well known in political circles for orchestrating and implementing questionable political tactics such as phony and misleading mailers, fraudulent and slanderous automated phone messages, and spreading malicious rumors on social media, Joe’s misadventures have on occasions landed him in hot water.   In fact, one such incident of dirty political tricks resulted in a record setting monetary judgment issued against Joe DiSano.

Joe’s obsession with the Mayor of Warren began when the Mayor didn’t agree to employ DiSano with the City of Warren.

Extremely upset over the Mayor’s decision to not hire him, Joe DiSano threatened the Mayor in front of numerous credible witnesses, that included an elected official and an appointed official, and has held a longstanding grudge ever since.  This grudge, eventually grew into an obsession with the Mayor, and his social media presence.  This obsession manifested itself in numerous ways, including stalking and trolling the Mayor’s Facebook and Twitter pages, and creating multiple fake accounts to harass and slander the Mayor of the 3rd largest City in Michigan.

Warren-city-hall- 2

Playing dirty political tricks and being involved in numerous scandals over his tumultuous career as a political consultant, Joe DiSano has delivered on his promise to stalk, harass, and slander Mayor Fouts, in an attempt to distract the Administration from continuing to implement the Mayor’s multiple development initiatives that have greatly improved the quality of life for the residents of Warren.

Joe DiSano has made a career of creating dirty political stunts, making false statements about multiple elected officials, initiating robocall campaigns and many other political tricks, and was in fact quoted in multiple publications as stating that “voters don’t look at fact-checking websites or research the claims made.” online, insinuating that sensationalism, not facts, drive votes.   One such incident resulted in a record setting monetary judgment against Joe DiSano for such dirty political tricks.

Joe Disano, along with his wife, were temporally employed by the Hillary Clinton campaign.  Mayor Fouts, a vocal supporter of the former democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, was attacked by Joe and his wife at the Democratic Debate when the Mayor cheered in support of Bernie Sanders.  Following this incident, Joe’s wife proceeded to further verbally assault  the Mayor in the spin room, and then published an extremely offensive post on a personal blog.

Joe Disano had also been employed by Rizzo Waste Management Services.  As many Warren and Macomb Residents recall, this company had been the center of a scandal in Macomb County.   Rizzo Environmental Services, requested that the City of Warren outsource its sanitation department, to which the Mayor did not agree.  Moreover, Rizzo Waste Management Services had asked for a $10 / Per Ton increase in recycling with a Guarantee of at least 30,000 tons at one time.  The cost to the taxpayers of Warren would have been hefty, an additional $880,000.   Mayor Fouts refused these services, and as a result , Rizzo Services no longer works for the city of Warren.

In short, it is evident that Joe DiSano, driven by greed and revenge, has no credibility.

Mayor’s Accomplishments – Warren Mayor James Fouts

Since Mayor James Fouts took office, the City of Warren has seen major progress and reached some incredible milestones under his leadership. Mayor Fouts has followed through on many of his key campaign promises and has focused on multiple key areas including economic development, education, civic innovation, reduction in crime and sustainability.

Since Mayor James Fouts took office, the City of Warren has seen major progress and reached some incredible milestones under his leadership. Mayor Fouts has followed through on many of his key campaign promises and has focused on multiple key areas including economic development, education, civic innovation, reduction in crime and sustainability.
Economic development and Cost Saving Initiatives 
1.Sticking to his campaign promise, Mayor Fouts reinstated Emergency Medical Services transport to be operated by the City of Warren which resulted in $15 million in revenues for Warren Taxpayers.
2. Mayor Jim Fouts initiated multiple Cost-savings programs in Sanitation, Building Maintenance and Public Works departments as well as consolidated several city departments to further reduce operating costs, and the Rental Inspection Program is now self-sustaining. In addition to reducing operational costs in various city departments, Mayor Fouts eliminated city paid cell phones and car allowances for all mayoral appointees and further saved the city $30,000 by not using a personal driver and eliminating leased vehicle for Mayor. In addition, because of the Mayor’s initiatives, the city of Warren saved thousands of taxpayer’s dollars on Christmas tree lighting and fireworks as well as reduced the number of city employees by 27%, without layoffs.
3. Committed to public safety and environmental substantiality, Mayor Jim Fouts implemented the largest collaborative municipal LED conversion effort to date by converting over 6 thousand mercury vapor streetlights to LED which will save the City of Warren $5 million over 15 years.
4. The Mayor’s efforts to modernize the city payroll led to the Computerization of Purchasing Department’s System which now provides monthly budget update reports and regular overtime reports for efficient processing. Mayor Jim Fouts secured an “AA” Bond Rating for his continued investment in growing and developing the business environment in the City of Warren, for which his demonstration was recognized by receiving the highest award in Financial reporting.
5. Mayor Jim Fouts tirelessly works to promote the future of the city’s downtown development with initiatives such as attracting a $1 billion investment at the General Motors Tech Center, the expansion of the Chrysler Manufacturing Center and the opening of Prestige Cadillac to further spur economic development.
6. Mayor Fouts initiated the development of a new supermarkets such as Meijer, Kroger, and Masen Foods to name a few which have brought hundreds of new jobs to the City of Warren.
7. A $10 million hotel will be built near the new Menard’s home improvement super store in downtown Warren and the Mayor envisions a bustling, pedestrian-friendly area featuring condominiums, shops and restaurants along this stretch of the Van Dyke corridor leading up to City Hall.
8. Mayor Jim Fouts’ tireless efforts and multiple initiatives, such as meeting with business leaders and offering tax incentives, new business development and expansions of existing ones, resulted in the City of Warren retaining 13,831 jobs and creating an additional 2,148 jobs.

A letter to Attorney General Bill Schuette to request an investigation of the Freedom Hill County Park landfill illegal dumping be conducted.

Warren Mayor James  R. Fouts formally requests that the office of the Attorney General’s Office conduct a full investigation of the Freedom Hill County Park landfill illegal dumping.

Dear Attorney General Schuette:
As the Mayor of Warren, Michigan’s third largest city in population, I am writing to request that your office conduct an investigation of the Freedom Hill County Park landfill illegal dumping.
Although the closed landfill is not located in the City of Warren, our city is a member of the South Macomb Disposal Authority (SMDA) that is responsible for the maintenance of this landfill.  Warren’s percentage of this cost is 47 percent with the remainder of the costs going to other Macomb County cities that are SMDA members. The SMDA has spent over $3 million to remediate the landfill to meet M-DEQ requirements.
Warren Mayor James Fouts’ request centers around the decision of Mark Hackel, Macomb County Executive, to allow a contractor to illegally dump road excavation materials at the landfill without any permission to do this from the SMDA or the Michigan DEQ.
At least 200,000 yards of materials have been dumped at the closed landfill in violation of a 2005 consent decree with the M-DEQ that mandated that no action could be initiated at the Freedom Hill landfill without approval of the SMDA and the M-DEQ.
The following are excerpts from a corrective action plan for the landfill as a result of the illegal dumping prepared for the SMDA by Anderson, Eckstein  and Westrick, Inc. and TRC Environmental Corporation on November 30, 2016.  This corrective action was necessary because of the illegal dumping at Freedom Hill approved by County Executive Hackel:
  • The need for corrective action is due to a separate and unapproved action which is described below.
  • “During the summer and fall of 2016, two berms were constructed on Freedom Hill Landfill; one along the west landfill limits and one along the south and east landfill limits. The construction of these berms has compromised (damaged or removed) a substantial number of the remediation assets and created a number of uncontrolled leachate outbreaks. Therefore, the following describes the necessary corrective actions to restore the assets, stop the leachate outbreaks, and reshape the cap in a manner required by the regulations.”
  • Stop Existing Seeps – At our on-site visit with TRC MDEQ (Greg Barrows) on Thursday, November 17, 2016, approximately12 seeps were identified.
  • High levels of Methane along the West Property Line –  High levels of methane were measured at three monitoring wells along the west property line during the semi-annual monitoring event performed in early November. The first action will be to determine how far the methane has migrated in the soil to the west onto the Bethesda Christian Church property.
  • Gas Vent Disturbance –  During the filling of low spots and construction of the berms, several of the vents were disturbed and the nozzles (for measuring methane levels) and ports (for measuring leachate levels) and ports (for measuring leachate levels) were covered.
  • Grading Issues – The berm that was constructed on the east and south edge of the Freedom Hill landfill is approximately 15 feet high. The berm appears to have a front (north and west side) slope of about a 1   on 3, about a 15 to 20-foot flat top, and a 1   on 2 to 2 Yz back (south and east side) slope. Maintenance maximum slope is 1   on 3.
  • Fill Over Trees and Tree Wells that were planted as part of the remediation plan –  During the construction of the berms, several of the Tree Well Systems were covered or damaged. Also, seeps were occurring at some tree good locations and the wells and trees were excavated and backfilled with certified clean clay to stop the seeps.  Due to the pressure of the berm on the waste below, it is anticipated that approximately 30 to 40 additional Tree Well Systems will be installed.
This action plan was also the direct result of the Mayor’s Facebook post that warned of possible contamination because of the illegal dumping. This illegal dumping by the contractor has been on-going since last summer.  No corrective action was taken until November 21, 2016.  Instead, Mr. Hackel decided to criticize me for my warning.
Clearly, Mr. Hackel and the contractor had not planned or undertaken any corrective action during or after the illegal dumping.
The investigation requested by Warren Mayor James Fouts should address the following questions:
  1. Under what legal authority did Mr. Hackel approve this illegal dumping?
  2. Why was this illegal dumping not reported to the M-DEQ or the SMDA Board?
  3. Is this illegal dumping a violation of state environmental laws or regulations?
  4. What financial arrangement, if any, did Mr. Hackel have with the contractor to use a county facility for illegal dumping?
  5. How many yards were dumped and what were the fees paid to the county by the contractor?
  6. What was the contents of the excavation?
  7. Were there chunks of concrete in the dirt?
  8. How much did the contractor save in landfill and transport costs?
  9. Did the taxpayer-funded road project include costs of transport and landfill disposal costs and shouldn’t there be a refund for those costs because the contractor did not have these costs because of the illegal dumping?
  10. Did the contractor use his personal or corporate jet to transport Mr. Hackel and others to Detroit Tiger – Baltimore Orioles baseball games in Baltimore the weekend of May 12-15 and to the Kentucky Derby on May 7, 2016?
  11. Were there any other contractor-financed jet trips for Mr. Hackel by this contractor (Dan’s Excavating)?
  12. Did Dan’s Excavating contribute to Mr. Hackel’s campaign or hold any fundraisers for other candidates at Mr. Hackel’s request?
  13. If so, is that a conflict of interest, favoritism, or a quid pro quo?
  14. Why was no corrective action taken by Mr. Hackel until after my written concerns about possible Red Run Drain contamination?
  15. Can the county ethics commission investigate impartially since all of the Commission members are appointed by Mr. Hackel?
I   am requesting a full investigation by your office of Mr. Hackel’s illegal actions.
This situation could have resulted in an environmental disaster in our county. It is not enough to excuse Mr. Hackel’s actions by referring to the corrective action plan now underway. Illegal actions by public officials must have consequences to avoid actions like this in the future.
City of Warren Mayor
James R. Fouts